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Headlines Worth Millions

Wanna see some of the most profitable, money-making headlines ever written? In this series, we’ll look at history’s most lucrative headies…how they were crafted…and how you can ethically steal these techniques and apply them to your own print-money sales pages. AVOID if you’re allergic to more than one comma on your bank statement. Dive in…

Why Your Sales Copy Sucks

Nothing personal, cupcake. It probably blows. Or, at the very least, it could use a bit of spit and polish (minus the spit…who the hell writes these sayings?) First, we’ll examine why your sales copy isn’t working. Then we’ll turn it up a notch (to 11) and look at how you can turn simple words into money magnets. WARNING: Only watch this video if you want to make more money online. Otherwise, I suggest a Matlock marathon with your grandpappy. Dive in…

What Is A VSL?

I may be a bit biased, but I think VSLs are the King of the marketing jungle. That’s not just because I created them. (Well, that’s kinda because…) It’s because they sell like cold water after a marathon. Let’s take a look at what a VSL (Video Sales Letter) is all about. What makes it tick. And how you can use it to retire early. Dive in…

How To Write A Headline

There’s only one purpose to a headline. Nail it, and your sales increase. Blow it, and you lose a customer. That means 10-20 words can make you millions. Yep, headlines are that important. So how do you write one? Lucky you – I have a formula a child could apply to write a multi-million dollar headie. Dive in….

Winning The War Of Ideas

The words you choose really matter. Those words create the ideas that your client or prospect will see in their minds. The more clearly they see, the more readily they will buy from you. Here’s how you win the most important battle – the one taking place inside of the mind of your potential customer – and slice right through all that Internet noise negatively influencing your prospect. Dive in…

Are You Making These Critical Mistakes In Your Emails?

When it comes to creating emails that get opened, create raving fans and generate clicks, you may not know where to begin.

If so, you're more like me than you know… or at least how I used to be when I first got started.

I asked a lot of questions…probably similar to the questions you have yourself:

“Should I be having to hire expensive copywriters? Should I spend weeks on Google looking up all the internet marketing “experts” for answers? Should I just give up?

And, of course, this drove me nuts.

I can’t tell you how many chances I missed … all because I didn’t know the one thing that's causing it all. I'll let you know what that is in a moment.

First, let's address those 3 questions I asked myself, and you may be asking yourself as well. They're actually myths that need to be put to rest. Then I'll tell you what I suggest you do next…

Myth #1: You should hire expensive copywriters

This myth is all over the place these days. I bought into myself, so if you have, don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us.

The truth is that this approach rarely works because new “A.I. Email” machines and clever software now empowers virtually everyone to create copy proven to work without the needless expense. This may be a bit of a surprise, or perhaps you already knew this. Either way, it's good to be reminded of the truth, right?

Myth #2: Google all the internet marketing gurus

Let's talk about our best friend and worst enemy when it comes to marketing online – Google.

Now, you may have found me through Google, so it's not all bad. However, there's so much misinformation out there you are probably very confused. I don't blame you. For every expert on Google, there are thousands of pseudo-experts and downright hacks.

Good news: you've found one of the good folks. : )

To be honest, I struggled for years to try and crack the email marketing code. And I failed miserably.

I could write sales letters fairly easily, but for some reason “email” took my brain out for a spin.

Then one day I came across Persuasion Triggers, and the 4 “levels” of human persuasion.

I call these the 4 parts of the “Buying Brain.”

It took a few years of trial and error, but The EPIC Email System was the result. Now 2/3 of my income is entirely automated by email, and over the past 14 years years, I've become known as the “Godfather” of the VSL and one of the few ‘billion-dollars-sold' copywriters on the planet.

I'm saying this not to brag. Merely to put your mind at ease. You're in good hands. : )

Also, keep this in mind: information overload leads to inaction. You're far better off taking action on one approach rather than constantly looking for the “perfect” system or approach. That's why I think you'll love what I have to share with you – it's not perfect, and neither am I (shocker, right? : ) However, it works consistently for most online marketers who stick with it. Fair, right?

Myth #3: Giving Up Is An Option

There's no way you're giving creating emails that get opened and create raving fans. You're literally three feet from gold. You can't stop digging now, because the good stuff is right in front of you.

I'm here to help you get there.

Now, let me share the breakthrough that helped me and is helping other online marketers as well…

Success centers around avoiding Blank Page Paralysis

Blank Page Paralysis is that dreaded feeling of looking at a blank page and wondering, “What the heck do I write next?”

Even professional writers suffer from Blank Page Paralysis…and it can literally cripple your email marketing.

This was the “ah-ha” moment for me, and everyone I work with says the same thing.

I'd like you to explore this with me and let's see if this is why suffering from emails going unopened and unread is still a concern for you.

I've put everything I know about Blank Page Paralysis and how it stunts your internet marketing progress into the page you'll visit below.

I also cover the solution to Blank Page Paralysis – something I call “The EPIC Email Formula.”

Many are calling it “a monumental breakthrough for online marketers everywhere”.

I'd like you to go and see more about The EPIC Email Formula here.

Will you let me know if this helps you as much as it's helped others?

I'd love to hear from you!

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