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New ChatGPT “Pre-Prompting” Hack Lets You Create High-Profit Sales Pages That Clone Proven Winners…Rewritten For Any Offer In Minutes

This makes creating a sales letter for any offer virtuallycut-and-paste simple…each section done in minutes…no copywriting skills required…and converts like an A-lister wrote it…just use it BEFORE this little-known “copy loophole” closes

Jon Benson
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A crazy ‘hack' that forces ChatGPT to create money magnet sales pages

Legendary copywriter Gary Halbert said it best:

“You are only one good sales letter away from true wealth.”

That's why just one high-converting sales letter can be worth thousands, even millions in revenue to you.

And a few hours from now, you can stop staring at a blank page…and start staring at your finished sales letter.


So I've got this sales letter strategy I've been hammering at for the past nine months.

And it's turning the marketing and copywriting world on its head.

Because it's different…radically different.

And the folks who've tried it for themselves are seeing jaw-dropping results.

And best of all: they don't even have to pretend to be pro copywriters to do it.

They only had to write a few dozen words, and…

This “hacked” version of ChatGPT took over…and did the rest for them

I locked onto this approach about nine months ago.

Since then my marketing game has been fire.

My sales? Off the charts.

And it's all thanks to this strategy which has helped me produce sales pages that rake in customers by the thousands

…without having to ever start from a blank page ever again.

Now, in case you don't know who I am:

I've been immersed in this AI and marketing world for quite a while…

And it's safe to say I've made my mark

I created the first VSL, or Video Sales Letter, back in 2006.

That's become a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

From there I went on to create the first copywriting software called 3X in 2011.

And the first AI-ready copywriting software called CopyPro in 2016.

So I've been at this AI game since WAY before ChatGPT was even a thing…

…and making millions from AI and similar tools that produce high-converting sales copy.

So while many people claim to be experts, very few if any have my credentials.

You hear a lot of BS online today…but rest assured: you won't hear it from me…and:

I brought the receipts

So rest easy:

This is backed by proof…and it's totally different from anything you've ever seen before.

You see, I've discovered a way to side-step the need for pricey copywriters like me.

One that's helped my customers escaped the torture of staring at a blank screen…

…that damn cursor blinking at you like it's got a grudge.

Instead, they can now spin out sales copy that draws in potential customers like a money-sucking black hole.

This approach has increased sales and profits faster than anything else I've ever taught.

And it lets you whip up a complete long form sales page in under an hour…

Read that again: under an hour

And this isn't your run-of-the-mill AI stuff.

This is conversational, persuasive copy…not the tired old “AI copy” you've seen a million times before.


Because I stumbled on a “loophole”

I call it Pre-Prompting™.

I'll tell you what it is in just a second.

First: imagine you're at your desk ready to bang out a sales page…

…but now you do it in less time than it takes to make dinner.

You're not sweating bullets about what to write or how to present your offer.

You're tapping into patterns of persuasion used by the best copywriters in the business…

…and getting ChatGPT to follow sales letter formulas already proven to work.

To do all the hard part FOR YOU.

And you're doing it all with your own voice and personality coming through loud and clear.

Every word Chat cranks out is perfectly aimed at your ideal buyers.

These are the folks who are ready and eager to buy what you're selling RIGHT NOW…

Low-hanging fruit that can make you a small fortune

When your sales letter copy laser-focuses on them? That's when you start to see a serious uptick in sales and take-home profit.

That's what Pre-Prompting can do for you.

So we're going to take any sales pages you currently have…or any new sales pages you decide you need to create in the future…

…and use Pre-Prompting rather than “prompts” for ChatGPT.

And the result?

Well…guess what?

You're looking at the results right now

This page was written using ChatGPT in less than an hour and about 10 minutes of my own time.

That's it.

A blank page to sales-ready copy LIKE THAT.

With 90% of the copy written by ChatGPT with nothing more than cut-n-paste Pre-Prompts.

So how does it work?

Pre-Prompting “hacks” ChatGPT and forces it to write outside its own “education”.

You see, ChatGPT has essentially read the internet…

…but it doesn't understand “illogical structure” because it's a logicalprediction engine.

But there's a problem: sales copy is largely illogical.

Copywriters break the rules of logic all the time…on purpose. 

It's what makes copy engaging. 


Fun to read.

And Pre-Prompting forces ChatGPT to follow these “illogical” money-making patterns…resulting in sales pages for any offer in minutes…

And it's cut-and-paste simple

But super potent.

Because my Pre-Prompting strategy trains ChatGPT as it goes along.

Then all you do is refine the copy to your liking…and you're done.

In under 60 minutes you have a completed sales page: hooks, lead, headlines and all.

And this works regardless of the size of your current business…whether it's just beginning, small, medium, or large…and no matter what you're selling.

I'll cover more specifics after I share what other folks are saying about my new training

What Other Marketers, Copywriters & Entrepreneurs Are Saying

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In 15 seconds I had a the start of a live script…and I'm 70 yrs old

Submitted by Bonnie Terry

thumbnail image

Not just ease…you get Jon's decades of copywriting expertise

Submitted by April M

thumbnail image

So much easier…so much faster…it just works (used to take a month!)

Submitted by Burk Esterhuyse

thumbnail image

So much better than all the other AI trainings…sales video in an hour

Submitted by Ryan Camana

thumbnail image

Jon's “pre-prompting” is a game-changer for ChatGPT

Submitted by Mike Lancia

thumbnail image

There's no way ChatGPT prompts can do this…the best AI training

Submitted by Chappell Dew

thumbnail image

Simple, clear, easy to follow…never seen Jon's method before

Submitted by Matt Edmundson

thumbnail image

One of the best things I've ever done for my business

Submitted by Juliette Bastian

thumbnail image

This used to take me weeks…total game-changer

Submitted by Frank

thumbnail image

This is a game-changer for ChatGPT and prompts

Submitted by Stephan Wohlfarth

thumbnail image

Straight to the point…shows you how to save time

Submitted by Shawn Smith

thumbnail image

Jon helps you build your Avatar Roadmap for awesome copy

Submitted by Rob Kaplan

thumbnail image

Jon's prompts mimic his own writing…1-2 hours to get 5,000 words

Submitted by Mark Wallace

thumbnail image

The fastest start-to-finish sales content I've ever done bar none

Submitted by Michael Veinbergs

thumbnail image

A degree in computer science…I'm truly amazed with the training

Submitted by Raj

thumbnail image

2 words: “Awesome” & “Unique”…10 days down to 90 min

Submitted by Marcelo GT

thumbnail image

Absolutely fantastic…The 2-hr AI Ads bonus alone is worth it

Submitted by Nobby Kleinman

thumbnail image

These trainings have created income…Jon always over-delivers

Submitted by Brian Southwell

“I Want This Before The Price Goes Up Next Week!”

Type 4-5 words…that's it

This triggers ChatGPT to complete what's called your “Buyer's Roadmap”.

This is a language and persuasion blueprint you use like a treasure map that leads directly to your ideal buyers…those low-hanging sales fruit.

Focus there, and nowhere else…and you can see profits like never before.

Once you've got your Buyer's Roadmap, we move on to creating the sections of your sales letter.

We do this one section at a time. That's how ChatGPT thinks best.

Never ask it to write a 5,000 word sales letter all at once with some goofy long-ass prompt the size of War and Peace.

Chunk it out.

ChatGPT is smarter in chunks…and my Pre-Prompting Technique allows you to leverage these chunks and produce what I call “sectional sales letters”.

Finally, you piece these sections together like a child's puzzle – the order is already done for you by my System. 

Copy. Paste. Edit a bit. DONE.

That's it.

That's all there is to it.

You can create long form sales letters (up to 5,000 words)…short form sales letters (between 1,000 and 3,000 words)…and even strategy call closes for selling high-dollar offers.

Are you getting the picture?

With a few copywriting tricks you can learn in a day and this AI tool, you can produce copy that out-sells anything you're currently sending traffic to…without question.

Without the cost and hassles of hiring pro copywriters or doing it yourself.

And without sounding like a freakin' robot.

That means consistently putting new or improved sales pages in front of your list whenever you wish: every month, twice a month, once a quarter…whenever you want to pull in more cash and see more sales.

You can understand now why I've said this is the most effective sales page creation strategy I've ever taught.

And that's why Pre-Prompting is the foundation of something new…


Delivers A-List High-Converting Sales Pages Out Of ChatGPT In Under An Hour!

I designed ChatLetters from over 15 years of copywriting experience and hundreds of split tests …all to find the perfect formula for persuasive words that compel your readers to take action…

…as well as spending the past 2 years working directly with AI tools like Anthropic and ChatGPT.

So this isn't theory…

Again: you're reading the results right now.

This is copy that SELLS.

And for the record: I edited this copy as I would copy I wrote by hand…which took me a whopping 20 minutes…because the copy right out of ChatGPT IS THAT DAMN GOOD with Pre-Prompting working for you.

Here's what you're getting inside ChatLetters…

First, you'll get my proven 4-part video training called The Buyers Roadmap…revealing…

  • How to craft sales copy that connects powerfully with your audience and activates their buying impulses…
  • How to tap into the precise words and phrases your ideal buyers need to hear to make a purchase…
  • ​How to get ChatGPT to write your complete Avatar Blueprint using as few as 4 words…
  • ​And much more!

Next, my Long-Form Sales Letter training will show you…

  • How to create a direct response sales page in under 60 minutes that brings in new customers and soaring profits…
  • All 15 sales letter sectional frameworks bursting with persuasive language that's ready for you to let ChatGPT customize with your offer details…
  • Strategies that draw readers in with compelling headlines and leads to build intense desire and interest…complete with vivid stories and dimensional benefits…
  • ​Motivational calls to action that make the purchase a “must-have”…
  • ​Formulas I've used that have generated tens of millions in sales for my clients…
  • ​And much more!

Next, my Short-Form Sales Letter training is all about…

  • Getting fast conversions from your most responsive audiences…
  • Delivering all 12 short-form letter sectional frameworks, along with special prompts for activating your hottest leads…
  • Trimming creation time all the way down to a mere 45 minutes…
  • ​And much more!

PLUS as a special bonus you'll receive my Strategy Call Close

  • Perfect if you're selling offers over $5,000 and need to close on the phone…
  • Less than 5 minutes to create and pop into any sales letter!

AND as a limited-time bonus…“The SECRET AI App”…

  • I reveal an AI that's BETTER THAN CHATGPT...and FREE (as of today)…
  • ​Runs at speeds 8-10X FASTER than GPT-4…
  • PLUS I show you how I use it to create roadmaps and sales copy QUICKLY!

PLUS if you order before the timer expires you get John Mulry's AI Ads Training


“Only $469 for as many sales letters as I need?”

Yes…for a few days.

The total value of this system is easily well over $10,000 considering the real-world proof you see on this very page.

But for a very limited time, you have the opportunity to get the complete ChatLetters training…

…including all the copy/paste resources, examples, and my “Secret AI” bonus training…

for only $469.

“I Want This Before The Price Goes Up Next Week!”

“Why the massive discount?”

“Why isn't ChatLetters at least $1000 or more?”


I want to prove to you my way of approaching AI and copywriting is radically different and vastly superior to anything you've ever seen.

And when I do?

Then maybe you'll consider letting me and my team help you grow and profit even further.

I'm thinking of this as a profitable introduction – both of me to you…and of you to a whole new way of looking at AI and copy.

Obviously at just $469 this is an insane bargain when you consider what this Pre-Prompting strategy can be worth to you over this next year alone, and remember:

More consistent sales every month

From any new or existing sales page…and without spending hours slaving away over writing the copy on your own.

Use it to write a new lead for a letter you have…or a brand new letter for that offer that's dying on the vine…or launch a new product into the stratosphere. 

Recall what I said at the very first of this letter:

Just ONE high-converting sales letter can be worth thousands, even millions in revenue.

Why not create one the fastest and easiest way possible?

So go ahead and order my ChatLetters training today. You'll get the Buyers Roadmap and the Pre-Prompting formulas…plus all 28 video training sessions…all for just $469…and it's…

Backed by a “Sales Or Else” money-back guarantee

You either see more sales in 30 days or I hand you your $469 back.

So you either make money or this is free.

Just bear in mind this is a genuine limited time offer.

When I hit my target buyer limit…which will be any day now…I'm upping the price to where it should be.

So you want this package at the significant discount I highly recommend you grab it right now.

Another benefit: you can boost conversions and revenue without investing heavily in new traffic or ads…

…because your sales funnels will convert better and maximize the value of each visitor.

And of course, you'll gain back dozens of productive work hours each month that you can redirect into other high-impact areas of your business because…

You're letting ChatGPT do the hard part FOR YOU

That's why at just $469, ChatLetters is an unbeatable value considering what just one sales letter can generate in new revenue and customers…

…from a new or existing sales page…

…without needing to hire or become a pro copywriter.

And if you are a pro copywriter? This will make your job infinitely faster and easier.

And you'll be way ahead of the pack when it comes to using ChatGPT and AI to get sales copy that actually CONVERTS.

And that's what we both want.

So go ahead: click the button below and let's get you started!

“I Want This Before The Price Goes Up Next Week!”

Let ChatGPT Write Ads For You That Drive Targeted Leads To Any Offer

Todd Brown's traffic man John Mulry now reveals how he's using ChatGPT to create video ads in SECONDS that drive insane traffic to any offer, opt-in or lead magnet. This 2-hour training recently sold for hundreds of dollars…but John has gifted it to you…if you claim this offer before the timer on this page hits zero.

Works For You Beyond Expectations Or I'll Pay For It

Let's keep this simple: If you don't think for any reason ChatLetters is the best time-saving money-making course you've ever taken…bar none…I simply refuse to take your money. Just give it 30 days…that's all I ask. See for yourself the revenue difference. Experience the radical time savings for yourself. Then let us know…and we'll take care of you without a single question or hassle…guaranteed!

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