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The Multi-million Dollar EPIC Email Sales Page: The Power of Irresistible Hooks

Welcome to the breakdown of one of my most successful sales letters – EPIC Email. Todd Brown, my friend and coach, played a key role in this project, so props to him. Now, let's crack open this powerhouse of a sales letter and look at the components.

Note: you'll want to open the EPIC Email sales page in a new tab by clicking here.

The Pre-Header

In polishing the copy, Todd proposed a tweak to the phrase “from a dead list”. His experience in the fitness, nutraceutical, and dating sectors led him to avoid too much hyperbole. These industries flourish on outlandish claims. In digital marketing, this wisdom became valuable, offering clarity on challenges faced in my past projects. Thanks to Todd, our pre-header became “Crazy sales even from a near-dead list”, perfectly outlining the uniqueness of the offer, while making a more believable claim. This was the first hook on the page – the first of many!

The Captivating Headline

Todd's chosen headline, though unconventional, intrigued me. It features me speaking about myself, which was strange. I wrote it, but it was originally a sub-headline. The premise was simple: I stumbled on a system that was so potent it was embarrassing so-called marketing pros.

Todd appreciated the audacity and the charm of it even more than I did – so much it became the headline. The headline also underscores the potent results from leveraging my EPIC Email system.

The Unmissable Sub-headline

The phrase “Watch how sales flow in every time you click send” resonated with us both. It leads with an immediate an obvious benefit – but one you can see. Both Todd and I are big on dimensional benefits. These are benefits you can easily visualize. Just saying, “See more sales” isn't dimensional. Adding “every time you click send” made it immediately visceral…something you can see AND feel.

“Just 4 Emails”: The Ultimate Unique Mechanism

The core feature setting this offer apart is my focus on a “make-different” rather than a “make-better” offer. This fresh approach is about sending only four specific emails. This idea breaks from usual strategies, seemingly shifting from daily email barrages to a less frequent, unique system. This is a bold statement that serves as a unique mechanism – the big idea that's different than anything else.

In truth, there are many of each…but at first glance you may think, “Is Jon saying you ONLY send FOUR emails?!” And that's the point.

Highlighting the Unique

Now I spotlight the uniqueness of these emails. Built on a novel copywriting approach, they differ starkly from traditional email techniques. Shifting the focus to this innovative method boosts its credibility over traditional tactics. This system helps extract more profit and sales, outdoing most email marketers sending daily messages.

Plus, there's a subtle “something isn't working any longer” angle to the final sentence. In short, you're making a big mistake doing things the old-fashioned way.

No More Endless Sequences or Daily Emails

A profound revelation from Todd was the notion of “no crazy long sequences” or daily new email copy. This perspective, new to me, deeply resonated. The EPIC Email system breaks from the norm of hundred-deep email sequences or strict content calendars. It frees marketers from the daily email grind, allowing a more strategic, focused approach. The system's simplicity and efficiency shine as it deviates from and challenges the norm.

Unlocking the Power of Four Specific Emails

We keep hammering the unique mechanism: the secret to massive sales potential lies in using four specific emails. These emails are designed to drive a powerful audience response. Testimonials from novices and veterans alike affirm this approach's effectiveness. By employing these unique emails, you tap into a rich reservoir of untapped potential, using proven strategies to boost your revenue.

The Power of Presupposition And Sales Bullets

I love the NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) use of what's known as presupposition. This simply states for a fact something you want someone to believe. For example:

  • How does XYZ produces such consistent results? Because… (This presumes consistent results.)
  • Why do savvy (avatars) prefer XYZ to ABC? (This presumes that only SMART buyers are the ones who prefer XYZ to ABC, their chief competitor)
  • You're going to love XYZ! (This presumes the obvious – you will love it.)

There's no “I think”, or “Some people say”. These are stated as fact.

Here, I do the same thing with the Johnson box in the lead: So why do EPIC Emails Work So Well To Generate All These Sales? But I put that on steroids: I make it dimensional by including the word “these”. “These” sales immediately make you assume there are tangible sales…the receipts so-to-say…even though no sales proof has yet to be revealed. But your subconscious mind sees the proof with a simple word. And, of course, I do show proof later…but you feel as if you've already seen it.

Sales bullets are an art form: one I can teach you in my new $19 course ChatBullets. Just click to find out more about ChatBullets, and let ChatGPT do all the heavy lifting for you.

But here, the bullets are not only well-written – each with a highly dimensional string of benefits (credit-card-swiping, worship from buyers, make yourself recession-proof, etc.) and each with a bolded verb phrase of 2 words. This creates a feeling of being punched, just in a good way. Each end with the same word…and it's the word I want you to see in your mind: MORE. Read more, buy more…more is good. : )

Earning Big from Any Email List

The EPIC Email system is built to draw significant results from virtually any email list. Note the word virtually. This simple word adds believability. “Any list size” is less believable…and your top priority when it comes to copy is make what you're saying sound inspiring, but believable.

It crosses industry boundaries, letting you use its power irrespective of your niche. The four emails serve as a launchpad for substantial revenue, attracting prospects and holding their interest. This system has won accolades from marketers in diverse fields, establishing it as an industry game-changer.

And all throughout? 4 little emails. The hook is HAMMERED on this page, as any good hook or unique mechanism should be.

Proof of Extraordinary Earnings

Supporting the success claims, we have testimonials and evidence of earnings. On the page you'll see just about every famous marketer in what's obviously casual, friendly shots (just view the sales page itself to see them all…they're too long to include here). This immediately serves to hammer home my credentials in the space. But I also include a simple screen shot from Clickfunnels showing just one of my EPIC Email campaigns.

The Ultimate Bonus

There are two bonuses on the $59 front-end (with the price reveal in a sub-headline that reads, “Why Is It Just $59?”, which again is presupposition. I'm putting the question in your mind with the positioning of “Why is this ONLY $59?” As if it's universally understood that $59 is ridiculously cheap for the training – and it is btw : )

But I digress…back to the bonus in question: Let ChatGPT write these for you. It's truly the best bonus ever: a FREE way to get EPIC-style promo emails (the P in EPIC) written by ChatGPT. I trained the little digital bastard myself…and now you get to reap the rewards.

Lesson: always include bonuses that compliment rather than compete.

A Guarantee to Ensure Your Confidence

No sales page would be complete without a solid guarantee. It is a testament to the confidence in the product and its ability to fulfill promises. In this case, the guarantee is a motto: “I don't want your money unless I can make you more of it.” This bold promise reinforces the buyer's faith and assures that if the Epic email system doesn't produce the expected results, there's no obligation to pay.

But there's a twist that I add: You'll freak out over how dreadfully WRONG 99% of email marketing “gurus” have been. This is subtle, but it's a tap on the part of the brain that is tired of being lost in the crowd. Seeking a leg-up. Wanting a level playing field for a change. YOU want to be the guy or gal laughing all the way to the bank…and now you can be. Really.

Man, how I love ethical persuasion. : )

The Final Result

Now, this is just a fraction of the juice on that page…just enough to whet your appetite and get you thinking about copy in a different light.

That said, what I achieved in a few days using the same type of emails I've been discussing, the four types of EPIC Emails, was an average of $23 a click, $65,000 in gross sales, an average cart of $1,127. Not a bad few days, right? Since then, EPIC Emails have gone on to do tens of millions for people the world over. They are still my go-to for my in-house promos, netting me about $897,000 and change so far in just under half a year.

So if you want EPIC Emails for yourself…and you should…click the Get Access Now button below and pick it up. It's on sale for a few days as of the time of this writing…

If you're a marketer, this will help you sell just about anything. If you're a copywriter, consider this mandatory homework…and your clients will LOVE you for it.

(See what I did there? : )

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